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Twin Peaks: The Return (Episode 10)

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I would frankly have been happy if this episode only consisted of Harry Dean Stanton strumming his guitar and Rebekah Del Rio and Moby jammin’ at the Bang Bang Room. Of course, that was just the tip of the iceberg.

Part ten — aka «Laura Is the One» — was a whole lot more part nine than it was part eight, though with a larger chasm between the funny and the dark, presumably by design. The renewed focus on casino gangsters Knepper and Belushi was welcomed, and it’s particularly interesting seeing the former providing comic relief. Knepper tends to portray more nefarious characters, be it in Prison Break or iZombie, and it’s nice to see him break out a little bit into something different. (Albeit still as a mobster.)

Also, did they make a quick reference to Brando? One can’t help but wonder if Michael Cera will make a reappearance.

On the other end was Richard Horne, probably the most flagitious character Twin Peaks has had to offer. As he beats his grandma — which for all intents and purpose revealed he is Audrey’s son — and murders a witness to his hit-and-run, I am not certain if what we’re seeing is a b-plot, or if it somehow will tie into the greater Twin Peaks lore. If Audrey is the mom, I can’t help but think there is more to the storyline than what we’ve seen so far, and Richard actually leaves town.

Gordon, meanwhile, provided the episode’s most eerie moment, with a vision of Laura’s crying face taking up the entirety of a doorway, disolving into a puzzled looking Albert. With text messages having been intercepted between Diane and Mr. C, I’ll be curious to see where that storyline goes. When the two met earlier in the season, I got the impression Diane truly didn’t know who or what Mr. C was, and one can speculate that she does not know who she has been communicating with.

And most importantly, will Jerry Horne ever get out of the woods?

As weird and surreal this season is — ratings have been middling at best — things are starting to come together to one coherent story. New questions arise, but they are very much attached to a greater picture. Will we ever see Cooper again? At this point I’d be surprised if he would return before the last two episodes, which will air back to back.

I wouldn’t put too much stock in that opinion, though, seeing I’ve been wrong about pretty much everything so far.

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