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One Star Classics


Dive into the minutiae of One Star Classics by drilling down into our categories.

Category Description
Action What made the eighties great: action movies.
Alleged Comedy We were told we were supposed to laugh at this.
Clown Horror Did you know the fear of clowns has a technical name: «coulrophobia».
Creepypasta Movies based in the internet tales known as “creepypasta.”
Devilish The devil is in the details and in this movie.
Doll Horror Did you know the fear of dolls has a technical name: «pediophobia».
Exposé We’re basically TMZ.
Found Footage Film Why did they hide it in the first place?
Geometrical Sci-fi A surprising amount of movies are based around geometry.
Halloween Funsies Tis the season!
Holiday Cheer For your seasonal enjoyment.
Mike Flanagan Watch A look into his oeuvre.
Mind Benders Willfully confusing. (Probably.)
Movies, Music, and TV One can do a lot of productive things in life, but then, there are a lot to watch on TV, too.
Neo-noir Noir. Just newer.
Scary Dwellings The oldest of horror formulas.
Shane Black Watch Because why would you not want to watch Shane Black movies?
Slasher Some contain more slashing than the others, mind you.
Superheroes They do exist outside of Marvel and DC universes.
Thriller Only sometimes thrilling movies.
Time Traveling Shenanigans Lapses in logic abound!
Twin Peaks Watch We watch it all. ALL.
Undead Zombies and vampires and various other tropes.